The idea behind Naturally Considerate immediately stood apart from the myriad of ‘green’ or ‘natural’ beauty products in the marketplace.

Following the founder’s passion for Native American healing herbs and spiritual connectness, the company’s products were originally used for treating wild horse injuries. The founders recognized an opportunity to raise awareness of the company’s commitment to re-wilding horses in the Western U.S. through the development of a new and unique skin-care product line.

Despite its compelling story, creating a distinctive brand that steered clear of cliched Native American design and culturally insensitive kitsch proved elusive. 

Territory was hired to create a compelling and appropriate identity for the company and its initial line of skin-care products. Starting with defining a clear brand positioning and foundation, Territory’s design team explored a myriad of design concepts, ultimately landing on the white feather as a  symbol of positive healing, faith and protection from harm